I MEANT TO BEHAVE…… BUT THERE WERE TOO MANY OPTIONS….. we met for a reason either you`re a blessing or a lesson… I`M NOT SUPERGIRL….


TIME FOR ACTION…. eeeh.. not…?! not my day today…  dizziness, hip pain, cramps, heavy painful legs, feels like my whole body is bruised, confused, real bad headaches,  bad neck ace, finding it hard to hold my head up, feeling weak, feeling hot but cold as well.. feeling soo tired..  OPPORTUNITIES OFTEN COME DISGUISED AS OBSTACLES…. don`t trust WORDS …. trust ACTIONS… !?!??????? words of wisdom….?!?! inspire me!! PLEASE!!!!  mind matter… !!!! no regrets, just lesson learned.. forget shit… IT TAKES NOTHING TO JOIN THE CROWD, IT TAKES EVERYTHING TO STAND ALONE.. Hint of today: if someone does not answer your calls or reply your texts… do not make them a fool. they simply choose not to let you stick around and they actually moved on with a better life. so, included in the obvious hint there`s some kind advice – let go and move on for the love of Christ have some pride…. LOVE MORE…. FIGHT LESS… just saying….. time decides who you meet in your life… your heart decides who you want in your life… behavior decides who will stay in your life… happy day:) qui vivra verra… DEDICATED TO SHARING THE TRIUMPHS AND CATASTROPHES OF LIFE:)  love and sweet dreams:)


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