MONDAY… YOU BASTARD…hverdagsliv… familieliv… inspirasjon?! dill & dall & DILLDALL…her hjemme i min lille boble:) oi oi oi..a tiny bit of heaven?! QUI VIVRA VERRA!! -den som lever får se:)

IL DOLCE FAR NIENTE!! italiensk ordtak, -d søte I å gjøre ingenting:) a tiny bit of heaven… now we`re talking:) where to begin.. pop the kettle on? messy but still looks good:) ha ha…. OVERTHINKING KILLS YOUR HAPPINESS… inner peace, there is NOTHING like it.. and if one hasn`t obtained it, it should ALWAYS be a goal to strive towards no matter the circumstance!!JUST BECAUSE YOU DON`T SEE THE END OF THE WAY, DOESN`T MEAN YOU STOP WALKING:)

new week.. Monday, yay…  it`s Monday! don`t forget to be awesome!! have a smashing week:)



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