it all starts with me? happiness comes from within?! now show monday who looks and feels happy?! happy day?! happy mom!? happy monday?! no one knows what I need better than I do?! listen to the inner voice?! mindful mama this monday?!

SoMeTiMeS yOu WiN, sOmEtImeS YoU lEaRN

#mom #never miss a monday #parenting #rise and shine #hard work pays off #life #no excuse #happiness #kids #mothers love #family matters #being a mom #single mom #supermom #forgive yourself for not knowing what you did not know before you learned it #peaceful parenting #compassion #respect #keep your kids close #gentle parenting #busy mom

it`s so simple… small and simple?!  yet so hard.. it`s so easy to forget the things you have been blessed with…. turning negative to positive… just be thankful… big and little… good and bad… stay focused on those simple, small moments that come and go without notice! blessings

life is a gift, I accept it

life is an adventure, I dare it

life is a mystery, I`m unfolding it

life is a puzzle, I`m solving it

life is a game, I play it

life can be a struggle, I`m facing it

life is a beauty, I praise it

life is an opportunity, I took it

life is a mission, I`m fulfilling it


self-worth is

so vital to your


if you don`t feel

good about YOU

it`s hard to feel good about

anything else

(mandy hale)


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